Juliusspital Würzburg

440 years of history, a modern service-company which is managing a great hospital and a home for elder people, a nursery-school, farms, forests and the wellknown winery - all this is the Juliusspital foundation.

In 1576 the prince bishop Julius Echter from Mespelbrunn founded the hospice, becourse he saw many poor and ill people in his country, who had no help. But the idea from hundred of years ago is already actual.

The “Fürstenbau”, a palatial building, designed by the architect Antonio Petrini built in the Barock style with its historical cellar vaults, its garden pavilion and the fountain statues of Jacob van der Auvera, make the Juliusspital unique monument to art and culture at the heart of the city of Würzburg in the heart of the famous Franconian wine region.